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I Dream of Jeannie 50 Years Later! By, Gina Meyers with IDOJ Trivia

I Dream of Jeannie, 50 Years Later!

By, Gina Meyers



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101 Things To Know About I Dream of Jeannie Book Trailer on You Tube

Astronaut Tony Nelson is stranded on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With his space mission aborted, he is forced to make the decision to parachute. He writes a large S.O.S. sign in the hopes of being rescued. While waiting for the rescue team to arrive, an old bottle rolls itself so Tony can see it. He decides to open the bottle, and instantly out pops a beautiful, extremely youthful looking 2,000 year old Genie, who doesn’t speak a bit of English. She immediately accepts Tony as her master and instantly learns to speak the English language, viola.

 Jeannie worships Tony. To Tony it looked as if Jeannie looked at him as just her Master. Someone to tell her what to do. To Jeannie, she felt love for Tony from the start and worked her own special brand of magic on him, until he finally realized instead of hiding Jeannie in her bottle, that he should embrace her beauty, love, compassion, joy, and spirit. The only person besides Tony that knew about Jeannie was Roger Healey, fellow Astronaut and Tony’s best friend. Roger was a bit of a cad in that he liked a lot of women, however, he often encouraged Tony to allow Jeannie to help assist them in innumerable messes that often occur in life. Tony did notice that Roger fancied Jeannie and took note of it, but didn’t act on his attraction for Jeannie until close to the last season of the show. Jeannie was from a foreign land, after all, she was a Genie. She spoke a different language and had different customs. She yearned to learn the American way, and was completely mesmerized by anything Tony was a part of. She often would pop herself to Cape Canaveral to watch him on his space missions. Jeannie, in the first season was extremely jealous of Tony’s girlfriend, which was basically a political move on Tony’s part, becoming engaged to his bosses daughter.

Jeannie wasn’t concerned about making any huge political statements or for standing out. Her loyalty and her passion was to get Tony to fall in love with her. With this single minded approach, Jeannie was successful in her campaign to prove to her beloved that persistence pays, at least on a television series. The marriage of Jeannie and Tony was a huge Neilson rating success!


I Dream of Jeannie was first telecast on September 18, 1965 and was a NBC production which lasted for five years, until September the 1, 1970. Jeannie was played by Barbara Eden, Captain Anthony (Tony) Nelson was played by Larry Hagman. Other cast members included psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows, played by Hayden Rorke, and Captain Roger Healey, Tony’s best friend played by Bill Daily.



THE CAST OF I Dream of Jeannie


ROLE                                                             PLAYED BY


Jeannie (Nelson)                                                     Barbara Eden

Captain Tony Nelson                                               Larry Hagman

Jeannie Nelson                                                         Barbara Eden

Major Anthony “Tony” Nelson                               Larry Hagman

Captain Roger Healey                                             Bill Daily

Doctor Alfred Bellows                                              Hayden Rorke

General Wingard Stone                                            Philip Ober (19651966)

Melissa Stone                                                            Karen Sharpe (1965-1966)

General Martin Peterson                                         Barton MacLane (1965-1969)

Amanda Bellows                                                       Emmaline Henry

General Winfield Schaeffer                                     Vinton Hayworth (1969-1970)


Guest Stars:

Leutant  Pete Conway                          Don Dubbins

Garbage Man #1                                 Richard Reeves

Garbage Man #2                                 Joe Higgins

Wife                                                    Patricia Scott

Commander                                        Baynes Barron

Husband                                              Warren Kemmerling

When the rocket launch for a space mission goes awry, its astronaut, Captain Anthony Nelson, finds himself stranded on a desert island. There, he finds a beautiful antique bottle lying there on the sand. When Tony opens the bottle, he is shocked to find a beautiful, 2,000-year-old genie named Jeannie, who is now calling him her new Master and willing to grant him anything he wishes.

The Cast of I Dream of Jeannie


Writer of I Dream of Jeannie Sidney Sheldon

Directed by: Gene Nelson


Writer:                         Sidney Sheldon



101 Things to Know about I Dream of Jeannie

1. A professor was brought to the set from UCLA to tutor Barbara Eden in the foreign language of Farsi.

2. The foreign language professor who tutored Barbara Eden was utilized for Barbara’s first scenes on the island where Jeannie and the bottle were located by Anthony.

3. The writer and creator of I Dream of Jeannie was Sidney Sheldon.

4. Jeannie’s harem costume was lined with silk so viewers would not be unable to see her legs through the thin fabric.

5. Like Elizabeth Montgomery who starred as Samantha Stephens on Bewitched, Barbara Eden also known as Jeannie (Nelson), found out she was pregnant when NBC bought the pilot episode.

6. (Barbara Eden) Jeannie was not allowed to show her belly button throughout the entire duration of I Dream of Jeannie.

7. Barbara Eden in real life has a pet dog by the name of Djinn.

8. Jeannie had a twin sister by the name of Jeannie that was Barbara Eden wearing a long dark brown wig.

9. Jeannie II often wore a blue genie outfit to differentiate between good genie/ Jeannie I and naughty genie/Jeannie II.

10. NBC aired episode #   , “The Lady In the Bottle” only once. Viewers didn’t have an opportunity to view it again until the episode appeared in syndication.

11. Syndication occurred for local American television stations in the Fall of 1970.

12. It is revealed that Jeannie was transformed into a genie by the powerful Blue Djinn.

13. Origins for Jeannie II’s powers are unknown or weren’t revealed during I Dream of Jeannie.

14. Sidney Sheldon, in the summer of 1964, dreamed up the concept which later became known as I Dream of Jeannie.

15. Roger Healey, was Tony Nelson’s best friend, fellow astronaut, and only confident concerning knowing of Jeannie’s existence.