Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sketches from creating The Magic of Bewitched Trivia & More book cover, by, Gina Meyers



Perhaps, one of the most interesting things about being a writer, is getting the opportunity to work with other talented people. Artist Erik Davison is one such person. I've saved these rough sketches that he so brilliantly drew to show the progression and the vision that I had for my Magic of Bewitched Trivia and More book cover. Initially, I dreamed that my book cover would resemble the opening credits from Bewitched with cartoon Samantha riding on a broom with the Manhattan skyscrapers in the background and the sky blue. "Weell", as Samantha Stephens used to say, those dreams came to a crashing halt one day when I was perusing the Barnes & Noble Popular Culture section at the bookstore and I came across Herbie J. Pilato's Bewitched Book. From that point, 1994, to 2004, when The Magic of Bewitched Trivia & More was published, I guess you could say, my inspiration was brewing. You can view Erik Davison's artwork at: You can purchase Herbie's Bewitched Book: Herbie's Books. You can purchase Gina's book at: Magic of Bewitched at Amazon

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